Tesla Sold One Million Electric Cars In Europe

Today, Tesla celebrates a major milestone in Europe, where the cumulative sales of its electric cars hit one million units.

The company explains that it took 14 years since the first Tesla Roadsters were delivered to customers in Europe.

After the original Roadster, Tesla has been selling the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y in Europe, after which the refreshed Model S and Model X were introduced. The Model 3 and Model Y represent the majority of the sales volume.


If we combine the one million sales in Europe with the recently achieved manufacturing milestone of 5 million units globally, it turns out that Europe accounts for about one-fifth of total Tesla sales.

Currently, Tesla offers four electric models in Europe – the Model 3 (imported from China), Model Y (produced locally in Germany), and the Model S/Model X duo (imported from California).

It will be interesting to see whether the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck will also enter the European market. The same concerns the Tesla Semi.

We guess that the all-new Tesla Roadster and the upcoming “cheap” Tesla both have a good chance of being offered in Europe, but those two models first have to be developed and launched.

The successful expansion of Tesla in Europe is a big threat to the local car manufacturers. Sales stats already indicate that Tesla put two models on top of the list of the best-selling all-electric cars in Europe. As a brand, Tesla has captured over 12 percent of the plug-in car segment (almost three percent of the total car market).

A big question for the coming years is whether the Model 3 will join Model Y production in Europe or not. This is mostly a business decision. The European Union’s concerns about the Chinese expansion and export of electric cars to Europe might potentially accelerate the decision to bring production to Europe.

Tesla’s position in Europe is very strong and with a sales rate of over 300,000 per year, we will not have to wait long before another million units are on the roads.

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