Ola Electric has taken a major step into the future of electric scooters with the launch of MoveOS 4.  Packed with over 20 new features and more than 100 enhancements to existing ones, this software update promises to reshape the driving experience of the Ola S1 electric scooter range. Ola Electric’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation is evident in this comprehensive update, which aims to enhance and amplify the joy the riding. The beta version was released on September 15, 2023, and was only available to select audiences. Let’s delve into all the key features and specifications of MoveOS 4: Firstly we will go through updated features IN THE SCOOTER: 



One of the most interesting features introduced in MoveOS  4 is OLA MAPS.  With this feature, the riders can monitor traffic, arrival times, surroundings, etc. Also, the users can send the location from their phones to the scooter, thereby enabling smooth and easy navigation. It can also suggest alternate routes if needed. Ola Electric has claimed that Ola Maps has the potential to offer strong competition to Google Maps, which is one of the most widely used navigation apps for vehicles.

Also, if by chance the user is unable to find his/ her scooter then the system helps to search for the scooter using their mobile phones. This is possible under the feature Find My Scooter. 


If an unauthorized individual or a potential thief attempts to tamper or move your vehicle,  then the scooter’s Tamper Detection system will kick in, instantly alerting users by showing a warning on the screen whenever it detects a movement of the scooter while it is locked, and also by sending a notification on their phones. This built-in safety feature ensures your scooter remains secure at all times. 

Also, there is a Fall Detection Feature where if a rider’s scooter happens to fall while in a locked or parked mode, the system will immediately send an alert. While riding, the fall detection feature is continuously active to enhance overall safety. If a fall is detected during a ride, the motor will cut off automatically, further ensuring the safety of the person.


With this innovative feature, users will gain valuable insights into the amount of CO2 they save while riding the electric scooter and the cost savings achieved through their purchase. Users will observe a visual representation of a growing tree on the screen, which will progressively expand as they access or ride the vehicle. Additionally, the sound of the care mode is notably robust and clear, enhancing the overall user experience. 


So in the previous scooters riders only had options like low, default, and high, where they had to twist the throttle in reverse to engage forced regen or simply release the throttle to slow down gradually. Now, a new addition to the Regen Profile is the “OFF” setting. With this feature, the scooter naturally decelerates when the throttle is released, without regenerative braking, providing a more traditional slowing-down experience.


This feature helps the scooter to maintain its position or slow its descent when riding downhill, thereby enhancing control and safety on slopes. So as you ride on a slope or downhill the Hillhold gets activated. This feature prevents the scooter from accelerating too rapidly when traveling downhill, allowing the rider to maintain better stability and control.


One of the most liked features on MoveOS 4 is the Auto Turn-Off Indicator. In the auto turn-off indicator system, when a rider turns his or her bike, the indicator automatically switches off after a few seconds, providing convenience and ensuring that the indicator isn’t left on unintentionally. This characteristic is only seen in cars, but now OLA has also integrated this unique feature in their OLA scooters.

Also, one of more best features is Take Me Home Lights. So, here whenever the user locks the scooter the lights will be on for 30 seconds, and then automatically it will be switched off.  

These are some of the key features that we can see in the scooter, i.e. in the MoveOS 4 software update. Many more features are also available which are you will get accurate information on the power your vehicle motor consumes, the regen power, torque, range, etc. Also some general features such as you can give access to your scooters to your friends, and relatives, some security features, etc. All these features can be accessed also through the Ola mobile application. 

So, now let’s see what unique and new features are available in the OLA Mobile Phone application. Ola has made significant improvements to its mobile application. You can now start your scooter directly from your home screen, providing a quick and convenient way to begin your electric vehicle journey.

Here are some of the important features that you can access through your mobile phone: 


Previously, users had to manually search for locations on the scooter and type them in for guidance. However, Ola has simplified this process. Now, users can effortlessly send their desired location to the scooter using their mobile phones. They only need to select the location on their phone, send it to the scooter’s name, click “navigate,” and they’re all set for hassle-free navigation to their destination.


With the proximity unlock feature, users’ phones can be used to automatically lock or unlock their scooter, provided that their Bluetooth is enabled. To make this function work, the users need to calibrate the feature for proper setup. Following a successful calibration, end users will have the choice of three proximity range sensitivity options: Near, Mid, and Far. Once the full process is completed, the results will be provided promptly. When you approach the scooter, it will automatically turn on, and as you move away from it, the scooter will switch off.


In this feature, as known, consumers can grant scooter access to their friends and relatives. An interesting addition is that users can now personalize their profiles with options like Geofence, allowing them to receive alerts when the scooter crosses specific areas. They can also remotely enable or disable features such as sport mode, hyper mode, and set time fences as needed, all from their mobile phones. This grants users full control over their scooters via their smartphones.


An interesting and unique addition to MoveOS 4 is the Ride Journal. In this feature, riders will gain comprehensive insights into all their activities during their journey, akin to a concise journal. Users will have access to essential information such as the distance traveled, cost savings resulting from using an electric scooter, their environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions avoided, regenerative braking statistics, and energy usage insights, including their preferred riding modes. In essence, this journal provides customers with vital riding data that is crucial to know and understand.


With MoveOS 4 it’s not only about the practical features, it’s also about the fun, enjoyment,  and pure joy of riding. What proves this line is the Concert Mode. In Concert Mode, the riders can share music files to host a concert, invite others to join the concert, all on a single Wi-Fi network. Multiple scooters and participants can come together to enjoy a collective music experience, with scooter lights and music playing in perfect synchronization, treating everyone to a delightful experience of good beats.


Charging in MoveOS 4 has seen significant enhancements. It now features a fast hypercharge option that allows users to set their preferred charging limits as needed. Additionally, the system includes improved charging time predictions for added convenience.


Safety has been taken good care in the latest update of MoveOS 4. As mentioned earlier, the tamper detection feature is in place to alert users when any unauthorized attempt to move the scooter is detected. An added layer of security comes from the Reset Passcode Feature, which allows them to reset their password instantly through their phone, eliminating the need to contact Ola Management in case of a forgotten or wrong password. 

These are some of the key features that users can access through their mobile phones. Many more enhancements are available, including Dark mode, larger trip meters, headphone call and music control, vacation mode, call settings, Cruise Control in Eco Mode, OTA updates via the app, faster document synchronization, contact synchronization, pairing, call from favorites, and improved mood sounds, among others. The inclusion of all these advanced features in MoveOS 4 undoubtedly sets OLA scooters apart from the rest.


Ola has undeniably made remarkable move with the introduction of the MoveOS 4 update. This update makes sure that all the  riders have a seamless and an enjoyable riding experience. While it’s true that there may be some minor shortcomings, such as certain features  are not functioning optimally on all scooters or not being available universally, but still MoveOS 4 has undeniably made a significant impact in the electric vehicle market. The availability of the stable version of MoveOS 4 remains uncertain, but the updates it brings have undoubtedly brought a sense of joy to many Ola riders, enhancing their overall riding feel. It will be intriguing to observe what exciting updates and electric vehicle innovations Ola has in store for all its valued customers. 

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