2024 Kia EV6 Pricing Announced

Kia America has announced the prices for the 2024 model year of its electric EV6 in the US. Now entering its third model year, the all-electric 2024 EV6 maintains its position as integral to Kia’s “Plan S” strategy.

Although prices have seen a slight increase compared to previous years, the South Korean automaker has also unveiled a larger battery for its base-level configuration.

The 2024 model year introduces the 77.4-kWh battery to the EV6 Light, and with it, two new trim designations in rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (e-AWD).

For 2024, the EV6 GT is now rated at an EPA-estimated 218 miles of all-electric range (AER), an improvement of 12 miles over the 2023 EV6 GT.

Across all EV6 models, newly standard are charge port lighting and charge door marking to facilitate access.

The 2024 EV6 is expected to go on sale in Fall 2023.

Pricing – MSRP (excludes $1,325 destination fee):
• EV6 Light RWD $42,600
• EV6 Light Long Range RWD $45,950
• EV6 Light e-AWD $49,850
• EV6 Wind RWD $48,700
• EV6 Wind e-AWD $52,600
• EV6 GT-Line RWD $52,900
• EV6 GT-Line e-AWD $57,600
• EV6 GT $61,600
Motor / Output:
• EV6 Light RWD 58.0 kWh, 167 hp
• EV6 Light Long Range RWD, EV6 Wind RWD, EV6 GT-Line RWD 77.4 kWh, 225 hp
• EV6 Light e-AWD, EV6 Wind e-AWD, EV6 GT-Line e-AWD 77.4 kWh, 320 hp
• EV6 GT 77.4 kWh, 576 hp
Range – EPA estimated:
• EV6 Light RWD 232 miles
• EV6 Light Long Range RWD, EV6 Wind RWD,
310 miles
• EV6 Light e-AWD, EV6 Wind e-AWD 282 miles
• EV6 GT-Line e-AWD 252 miles
• EV6 GT 218 miles
Highlighted Drive Assist Systems:
• Blind Spot Collision Assistance (BCA)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Driver Attention Warning (DAW) with Leading Vehicle Departure Alert
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Forward Collision Avoidance Assist – Car & Pedestrian and Junction Turning
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Highway Driving Assist (HDA)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• High Beam Assist (HBA)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Lane Following Assist (LFA)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Lane Keep Assist (LKA)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control Curve (NSCC-C)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Parking Distance Warning – Reverse (PDW-R) w/off switch
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist (RCCA)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Rear Occupant Alert – Door Logic Type (ROA)
   ◦ Std: All Trims
• Safe Exit Assist (SEW)
   ◦ Std: All Trims



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