XCharge partners with EDP to deploy a network of Net Zero Series EV Chargers across Europe

Last year, XCharge Group, the charging solution provider based in Hamburg, launched the Net Zero Series (NZS), its revolutionary battery-integrated charger for electric vehicles. Now XCharge is joining forces with a strong partner for the deployment of the NZS in Europe: After the initial success of launching the Net Zero Series in Spain, further rollout plans from utility company EDP are expected within 2023 and 2024.

The NZS is XCharge’s latest product featuring a battery-integrated system. Tailored to the European grid, it has attracted the attention of EDP. According to XCharge, this partnership also marks a milestone for the launch of its battery-integrated product to more and more places, especially with the planned deployments in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

EDP’s aim is to facilitate electric mobility in Europe; therefore, EDP is planning a nationwide network of charging points, e.g. located at car dealerships, shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, or hotels. EDP is one of the biggest players in Iberia within the e-mobility ecosystem.

EDP Spain’s director of sustainable mobility, Javier Martínez Ríos, stressed that “these battery chargers will facilitate and simplify the deployment of the ultra-fast infrastructure, reduce installation time, and guarantee electric vehicle users ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles regardless of the power available on the grid”. With Petroprix, they will deploy the largest ultrafast charging infrastructure in Spain.

One of the deciding factors for EDP in favor of the NZS was its ability to deliver a high-power output of 210kW while requiring only 60 kW input, which eliminates the need for additional technical equipment and lengthy administrative processes. It is a perfect suit for locations where the grid cannot be extended to deploy traditional high-power chargers, including remote locations, construction sites, supermarket parking lots, and offices.

The NZS also helps to stabilize the grid and enables peak shaving: The battery can be charged during periods of low energy demand (when prices are low) and is then available as a source during peak times. The NZS charger’s built-in screen provides information on battery status and charging data at all times.

“We are very proud that EDP has become the first to install the NZS in Iberia, demonstrating how quickly our systems can be deployed”, says Javier Lázaro, Country Manager of Southern Europe at XCharge Group. “As partners, EDP and XCharge support each other in developing innovative and ground-breaking solutions. We hope to see more of our battery-integrated chargers serving electric vehicles in Spain and the rest of Europe soon”.

“NZS is not only an innovative product in the field of energy storage, but also has high safety qualities, supported by TUV Mark certification from the world’s leading testing service provider TUV Rheinland,”, said Albina Iljasov, Head of Sales and Business Development of XCharge Group. “We strongly believe that NZS will become an ideal solution for developing charging infrastructure. We are stepping up and working with more partners to bring our solution to other regions in Europe after this initial success”.

Blagojce Krivevski

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