Vietnamese Auto Giant VINFAST is Gearing Up to Enter India

VINFAST to Enter India  

Vietnam-based electric vehicle manufacturer VinFast, a tough competitor to Tesla, is eyeing the Indian market with plans to establish a manufacturing unit, potentially in Gujarat or Tamil Nadu, as recently reported. The company’s intentions regarding export or catering primarily to the Indian market remain unclear at this stage.

Reports from Various Sources

Talks are still in their preliminary stages, as reported by sources. VinFast has expressed a keen interest in setting up operations in India, and significant investments are expected [Economic Times].

History of VinFast

VinFast began its journey in 2017 with an advanced automotive manufacturing complex in Hai Phong, Vietnam, featuring high scalability and up to 90% automation. Committed to a sustainable future, VinFast continually innovates to offer high-quality products, advanced smart services, and seamless customer experiences, all at an attractive price point.

In recent times, VinFast has emerged as the third most valuable carmaker globally, trailing only Tesla and Toyota, with a staggering valuation of $119 billion. This remarkable ascent comes on the heels of a nearly 700% surge in stock value following its listing on Nasdaq in August.

Expansion Plans in India

Looking forward to 2024, VinFast plans to establish a dealership network in new market clusters across India. Having sold 7,400 cars domestically last year, the company aims to expand its presence beyond Vietnamese borders, projecting sales of 40,000 to 50,000 cars.

Affordable Alternatives to Tesla

VinFast’s cars are seen as budget-friendly options as compared to Tesla, gaining popularity in the Indian market for their great value. In comparison to the projected sales of 40 to 50 thousand of Vinfast, Tesla and Toyota are projecting sales of 1.8 million and 1.5 million EVs annually by 2026, respectively. Although VinFast may not enjoy the same level of brand recognition as Tesla, it is gaining a reputation as a budget-friendly alternative in the electric vehicle landscape.

VinFast currently operates a manufacturing facility in Haiphong, Vietnam, and is expanding its global presence with the construction of its first American factory in North Carolina, a project initiated in July.


In conclusion, VinFast’s potential entry into the Indian market promises to be a groundbreaking revolution in the electric vehicle sector. As formidable competitors to Tesla and Toyota, they are set to challenge the status quo and offer consumers an exciting array of affordable electric vehicle options. The stage is set for an electrifying transformation in India’s automotive landscape.

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