The Lexus LF-ZC Is An Audacious Electric Sedan Headed To Production In 2026

It’s hard to fault somebody when they want to buy a Lexus. That is, of course, unless they want an electric Lexus. So far, their options are pretty sparse; the Lexus RZ isn’t exactly what we used to call a “Tesla-killer.” But I get the sense the folks at Toyota and Lexus are tired of people being mad at them for their comparably slow approach to battery EVs, and here at the Japan Mobility Show, we’re seeing a full-court electric press from both brands. Case in point: the Lexus BEV LF-ZC Concept, which is actually headed to production in three years. 

First off, that name: it stands for Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst. I know, it’s a bit silly and kind of a stretch, acronym-wise. But I do like this thing, especially after having seen it in person. It’s a sedan – I don’t know what else you’d call it, since it’s definitely not a crossover – but it’s a low, wide one with an almost coupe-like profile and rounded rear end. 

It’s also packed with apps, software services and sustainable materials, so it feels very much an EV of the moment – and the moments to come.

This is a breaking news post. More to come. 

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