Tesla Sentry Mode Not Working!! [Solved]

As a Tesla driver, one of the most frustrating things is when the Sentry Mode doesn’t work properly.

You see, Tesla Sentry Mode stops working when there’s an issue with the flash drive or it’s full. Apart from this, it can happen due to software or app glitches. This can also stop working when you untick the Exclude Work, Home, or Favorites or forget to save the Home Address.

In this guide, I’ll break down the reasons for each type of Sentry Mode bug and then share the fixing methods so you can follow them easily. Let Me Lift the Veil for You!

Tesla Sentry Mode Not Working!!

The Reason for Tesla Sentry Mode Not Working!

You’ll need to find out the root causes of why the Sentry Mode not operating properly. Based on your problem type, here’s how you can detect why it’s not working:

Issue #1: Tesla Sentry Mode Not Recording

Due to a glitch or the USB drive getting full, the Sentry Mode event report may show no recording. To resolve it, you’ll need to format the flash drive for Tesla Sentry Mode recording and then try it out.

Issue #2: Tesla Sentry Mode Always On

The Sentry Mode can keep turning on by itself because of software bugs. To make it work again, you’ll need to download the latest software in your car and mobile app.

Issue #3: Tesla Sentry Mode Not Showing on Screen

A lot of times the car’s screen can show a black ocean of Sentry Mode even if you come near the car. It happens as you either untick the Exclude Work, Home, or Favorites which causes this type of bug.

To fix it, open the car via key card or mobile app and then tick the area where you prefer to turn on Sentry Mode.

Issue #4: Tesla Sentry Mode Not Working on App

When your Tesla Sentry Mode Live Camera not working on the app or showing a black screen on each camera view you pick, it indicates an app issue.

In that case, you’ll need to delete the VPN, restart the phone, and log out and into the Tesla account in your mobile app.

Issue #5: Tesla Sentry Mode Greyed Out

In rare cases, the Sentry Mode option is greyed out (becomes unavailable under the Controls > Safety). The reason why you can’t activate Sentry mode is because you haven’t saved the Home Address. To turn it on, simply save the Home Address on the navigation.

How to Fix Tesla Sentry Mode Not Working?

Now that you know the reasons, it’s the right time for you to start the troubleshooting process by following the given directions:

Fix #1: Format USB Drive

You’ll need to check if the USB drive is attached to the front USB port or not. If not, tightly fit it on the port and then test it out. Or else, go to Controls > Safety > Format USB Drive and then wait for a few seconds.

How to Fix Tesla Sentry Mode Not Working

If this doesn’t work, then take out the USB drive from the port and insert it on your laptop or computer. After that, open the file and format the USB drive. In that case, just select exFAT or MS-DOS FAT for Mac and ext3 or ext4 for NTFS (currently not supported).

Then, make a base-level folder and rename it to TeslaCam to use with Track Mode (if equipped). Note that the USB drive needs a base-level folder named TeslaTrackMode or it won’t work.

If your drive doesn’t contain it, then make another base-level folder and rename it to TeslaTrackMode. FYI, you can continue using the same flash drive for Dashcam, Sentry Mode, or Track Mode, but ensure to make separate sections for each folder on the exFAT USB drive.

Once the drive is formatted, remove the USB drive from the laptop and insert it into the Tesla’s port. Then, wait for a few seconds and test it out.

Ensure to turn on the Recording button on the top-right section of Controls above the Sentry button. Then, agree to the privacy stuff to give permissions.

Fix #2: Download the New Software

In your car’s screen, click on Controls > Software > Update Available > Software Update (clock sign icon). Be sure to turn on the Wi-Fi beforehand and let it install fully.

Afterward, open the Tesla App on your iOS or Android device and hit Software Update > Install or Yes (based on the car’s series). Next, wait for the car to begin and complete the updating procedure.

Be sure to try the 2-button reset trick as this can sometimes solve most kinds of bugs in Tesla cars.

Fix #3: Select Exclude Home, Work, or Favorites

You’ll need to first open the door using the mobile app or key card whichever seems to work. If these don’t work, then make sure to try the emergency door release trick like this based on your car series.

Select Exclude Home, Work, or Favorites from Tesla Screen

After that, go to Controls > Safety > Sentry Mode section and then turn it off. Then, turn it on and select the Exclude Home, Work, or Favorites based on your need.

Fix #4: Delete VPN, Restart Phone, and Log Out/In from App

To start with, go to the phone’s Settings > Apps and locate the third-party VPN app from the list. Then, Uninstall/Delete it and try to remove all the catches beforehand.

Next, hold the power on/off button of your phone for a while and select the Restart option to make it restart. Once it’s done, wait for a while before entering the Tesla App on your phone.

After that, open the Tesla App and hit on the More option with 3 lines at the top-left corner. Then, click on the Sign Out option and close the app.

Next, let it be like this for a few and then open the app again. Then, hit on Get Started > enter the Email Address & Password> click on Sign In. Afterward, check if the Sentry Mode Live View works or not.

If still doesn’t work, go to your car’s screen and touch Control > Safety > Sentry Mode section, and then turn on the View Live Camera via Mobile App option.

If you can’t see the Cabin Camera in the View Live Camera via Mobile App, then it can occur when the interior camera is blinded. To fix it, you’ll need to change the camera.

Fix #5: Save Your Home Address

You’ll need to go to the maps screen where you can navigate. After that, tap on the Navigation box. Now, you can see the Home option (right beside the Work option). 

Next, click on the Home option and enter the address where you live. After that, click on Save As Home option.

Overall Thoughts

It takes no more than 5 minutes to do the repair steps that are given above. So, ensure to try these before taking another route. 

And, if your Tesla’s Sentry Mode still not working, be sure to get the needed help from the Tesla Service Center to fix the bug.

For that, the repairer may charge some bucks so prepare that before going to the zone. And if you have warranty backup, then use it to fix it at free cost. Good Luck!

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