Tesla Scheduled Departure vs Scheduled Charging: What’s the Difference?

Many people find it tricky to explain the difference between Scheduled Departure and Scheduled Charging.

Well, the Schedule Departure is to be used when you want to finish the charge at the picked time. Then again, the Scheduled Charging is to be used when you prefer to start the charge at the selected time. Apart from this, they also vary in meaning, working, and usage.

In this guide, I’ll explain the comparison points of the Schedule Departure and Charging in detail so you know it all. Let’s Get It!

Tesla Scheduled Departure vs Scheduled Charging

Comparing Tesla Scheduled Departure and Scheduled Charging!

Both Scheduled Departure and Charging options differ in many aspects. Without beating around the bush, let me share their comparison points:

Factors Scheduled Departure Scheduled Charging
Purpose To finish charging at a selected period To start charging at a selected period
Settings 3 settings 2 settings
Working Preheat and then start charging at off-peak session Begin charging immediately after 6 hours of inserting the charger
Usage in Touchscreen Controls > Charging > Switch to Scheduled Departure > Schedule > choose a time > Set Controls > Charging > Switch to Schedule Charging > Schedule > click on slider > pick a time
Usage in Mobile App Schedule > Departure > Departure time Schedule > Charging > Enable Schedule Charging > select a time


To understand its differences, it requires you to figure out the meaning of Scheduled Departure and Charging so that you can identify them. For that, it’s time to know what they actually are.

What Is Tesla Scheduled Departure?

It is a unique option in your cars that lets you choose a period when you prefer the car to finish charging. And, you’ll find 3 inner settings to select:

  • Departure: This indicates you can set a time in am/pm when you want the car to complete the charging.
  • Precondition: Warm up the battery and set the climate to heat up the cabin.
  • Off Peak Charge: Lessen the energy cost by delaying the charging and then starting it to complete at the perfect time.
What Is Tesla Scheduled Departure

When you select a time in this option, your car will figure out when it should start getting ready (preconditioning the car) and when it should begin charging.

But to make this work, you need to turn on both the precondition and off-peak charge options. This way, your car will be all set to go when you want it to.

What Is Scheduled Charging Tesla?

It is a special feature in your car that lets you pick a time for it to start charging or turn on. There are two choices for this feature:

  • Enable Scheduled Charging: This means you can turn on or off the charging at a specific time.
  • Start Charging At (timer): You can choose the exact time you want the car to begin charging.
What Is Scheduled Charging Tesla

Depending on the time you select, your car will start charging as soon as that time comes. It’s like setting an alarm for your car to start getting power.


When it comes to how your car works, both Scheduled Departure and Charging happen differently. Let me break it down for you:

  • Scheduled Departure: This is like getting your car ready in advance. It warms up and figures out the best time to start charging when electricity is cheaper. Then, it makes sure to finish charging by the time you need to use your car.
  • Scheduled Charging: The car starts charging right away when you turn it on and pick a time. But there’s a catch! You’ll need to plug in the charger at least 6 hours before that time. If not, the Scheduled Charging won’t work until the next day.
Remember to plug in your Tesla before 6 hours if you want to use Scheduled Charging, or go with Scheduled Departure to have your car ready when you need it.


As a user of a Tesla car, you can use the Tesla Scheduled Departure or Charging after shifting the gear to Park (P). But, both process is different. Let me break it down:

Using Tesla Schedule Departure

To use the Schedule Charging option, you can do it via touchscreen or mobile app. If you prefer to use the car’s screen, you’ll need to go to Controls > Charging > Switch to Scheduled Departure.

Then, scroll down to find the Schedule option. It’s basically under the Schedule Departure at this location section.

Next, you’ll see a Schedule prompt and select a decent time (am or pm). Before that, ensure to click on the Settings (above highlighted in blue text).

There you’ll find Preconditioning and Off-Peak Charging options. Based on your need, turn them on and select either All Week or Weekdays.

After that, click on the Change off-peak setting (at the bottom highlighted in blue text) and then change the time (if needed). Then, press on the back bar (at the top-left side) to get into the Schedule prompt and click on Set.

Now, if you want to use this via mobile app, then open the Tesla App on your phone and go to Schedule > Departure. Then, set the Departure time at the top (am or pm).

Next, turn on Precondition and Off-Peak Charge (if needed) and ensure to set them to either All Week or Weekdays. After that, set a time on the Off-Peak Charge End Time (at the bottom).

Using Tesla Schedule Charging

Similar to the Schedule Departure, you can use the Schedule Charging via the car’s screen or mobile app. If you want to use it using the touchscreen, go to Controls > Charging > Switch to Scheduled Charging (below the Schedule option).

After that, click on the slider (make it blue) to activate the Schedule Charging. Then, select a decent time (at least 6 hours later before attaching the charger to your car). If needed, you can also turn it off by hitting on the same slider (make it gray).

Now, to use Schedule Charging using the mobile app, open the Tesla App on your device and hit Schedule > Charge.

Next, hit on the slider to turn on Enable Scheduled Charging and pick a time for the Start Charging at option. Then, you can turn it off by clicking on the same slider.

Based on the Tesla recommended charge limit, make sure to set the charging limit to 100% or so.

Wrap Up

The main difference between Tesla’s Scheduled Departure and Scheduled Charging is the purpose and other aspects.

If you want to save energy costs, the Schedule Departure with Off-Peak Charging is the best option. Or else, the Schedule Charging will be ideal.

Hope you now understand their comparison points and I’ll see you with a new guide soon. Goodbye!

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