Tesla Model Y Trunk Dimensions: Get the Measurements You Need

Folks who want to get the MY car often ask to know the approximate size and volume of the trunk (don’t confuse it with the Tesla frunk).

Well, the Model Y trunk sizes can be diverse if you fold or unfold the seats. In the unfolded state, the height is 40 – 69.5 cm, the width is 95 – 148 cm, and the depth is 76 – 110 cm. In the folded state, the trunk’s height, width, and depth are 69.5 cm x 98 cm x 173 to 203 cm.

If you find the above measurement confusing to understand, don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll break down the dimensions of the trunk along with cargo volume and size. Let’s start!

Tesla Model Y Trunk Dimensions: Get the Measurements You Need

The Tesla Model Y Trunk Dimensions!

Unlike the MS, MX, and M3 cars, the Model Y comes with a massive rear trunk that can store a bed sheet. To understand that, let me explain the approximate dimension of the 5-seat MY trunk in both folded and unfolded state below:

The Tesla Model Y Trunk Dimensions
Image: teslamotorsclub.com

Truck Height

Unlike the Tesla front trunk height, the 5-seat rear trunk is taller which can carry tons of loads. Here’s an approximate measurement of trunk height:

Trunk Height Size (in) Size (cm)
Height of corner  25.2″ 64 cm
Height at the middle of the trunk’s upper portion 27.16″ – 27.36″ 69 – 69.5 cm
Height on the mid-side edge 21.65″ 55 cm
Height in the front edge 15.75″ 40 cm

Trunk Width

Based on the models, the 5-seat Tesla Model Y trunk width can be wider or narrower. Let me show you the estimated measurement of trunk width:

Trunk Width Size (in) Size (cm)
Width behind the rear seats (not folded) 37″ 95 cm
Width in the front edge (not folded) 58.3″ 148 cm
Width in the middle of the car (folded) 38.58 “ 98 cm

Trunk Depth

In the 5-seat Model Y cars, you’ll find the rear trunk huge in depth which helps folks to store more items inside. Here’s how deep a trunk is inside the MY car:

Trunk Depth Size (in) Size (cm)
Depth above the middle seat (not folded) 37″ 95 cm
Depth from the middle seat (not folded) 42.5″ – 43″ 108 – 110 cm
Depth from the hitch opening (not folded) 29.9″ – 30.3″ 76 – 77 cm
Depth from the 1st row seats (folded) 68.1″ – 79.92″ 173 – 203 cm

Trunk Extra Storage

Even if it stays hidden underneath the rear trunk, let me share the approximate size of the extra storage in case you are looking for it:

Trunk Space Size (in) Size (cm)
Front storage height 14.57″ 37 cm
Front storage width 30.71″ 78 cm
Front storage diameter 16.7″ 42.5 cm
Inner storage height (near the rear seats) 5.12″ 13 cm
Inner storage width 29.92″ 76 cm
Inner storage diameter  19.29″ 49 cm

Since all the measurement given above is estimated, it may vary a few centimeters or inches based on the model of MY.

How Big Is the Trunk in a Tesla Model Y?

From 2020 – 2022, the Tesla Model Y cargo volume is 30.2 cu ft (854 L) if the car contains 5 seats and all of them aren’t folded.

It’s the same for the 2023 MY cars too! If the car seats are folded, then the cargo volume or space would be 72.1 cu ft (2041 L).

How Big Is the Trunk in a Tesla Model Y

On the other hand, the 2020 – 2023 MY cargo volume for 7 seats is 67.9 cu ft (1923 L) when all the rear seats are folded.

However, if the 3rd-row seats are folded, the cargo volume of MY from the 2nd seats would be 26.6 cu ft (753 L). And, if measuring from the 3rd row seats, the cargo volume would be 12.8 cu ft (363 L).

Overall Thoughts

The Tesla Model Y trunk size proves how much space you get to store a lot of items inside when planning for a vacation.

So, if you are thinking of getting a Tesla that has more space in the trunk and cargo, it’s best to pick either the Model Y or X. Hope you find this guide beneficial in any way and I’ll catch you in the next guide soon. Goodbye!

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