Tesla Model 3 Might Get Ludicrous Trim With Sport Suspension And Brakes

Remember when Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode was all the ragve before it was one-upped by Plaid in 2021? Well, the Space Balls-inspired seed motif might make a splashy comeback in the form of a new trim level for the entry-level Model 3, according to an extract from the American carmaker’s parts catalog that was unearthed by the X account @klwtts.

The notoriety of the Model S Plaid, a car that’s known for taking down gas-powered supercars that cost more than twice its sticker price in a drag race, is undeniable. But even though it’s cheaper than many of the cars it’s capable of outpacing, it’s not exactly affordable.

Last time we checked, a 1,020-horsepower tri-motor Model S Plaid had a starting price of $89,990, which is more than double the price of a base, rear-wheel drive Model 3 that starts at $38,990 in the United States.


Complete with sports brakes and suspension, as well as a Ludicrous-style badge on the trunk lid, the pack might also come with a set of all-new, never-before-seen 19-inch wheels called Helix, according to the parts catalog images posted on X.

Tesla hasn’t said a word about the possibility of a more performance-oriented entry-level EV; in fact, CEO Elon Musk has even said during a podcast that a Plaid Model 3 would make no sense. However, by the looks of it, this isn’t Plaid we’re talking about, but Ludicrous, which is a step below the Plaid speed in Space Balls that famously inspired all these driving modes.

Moreover, a previous report said that the refreshed Model 3 might get a new type of electric motor that bears the letter “T” in the eighth position of the VIN, just like the European-market Plaid Model S and Model X, suggesting that a more powerful variant of the cheapest Tesla is in the works.

It’s also worth mentioning that the facelifted Model 3 doesn’t currently have a Performance version as the pre-update EV had, with only the rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive Long Range versions on sale everywhere but in North America. In other words, Tesla might switch things up a bit and label the upcoming performance-oriented Model 3 as Ludicrous instead of Performance, as was the case before.

Ludicrous Mode is one of several acceleration modes available on pre-2021 Model S and Model X EVs, alongside Chill, Standard, Sport, Insane, Insane+, and Ludicrous+. These were replaced with a much simpler list of options after the cars were updated at the beginning of the decade with only Chill, Sport, and Insane (or Plaid, depending on trim).

The Model 3, on the other hand, has Chill, Standard, and Sport, the latter being available only on the Performance variant that’s yet to be part of the facelifted lineup.

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