Tesla Model 3 “Highland” Facelift Now Available In The UK. When Will The US Get It?

The updated Tesla Model 3, also known as “Project Highland” during the development process, can now be ordered in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Singapore, right-hand drive markets that were previously locked out from the refreshed EV and were stuck with the first iteration of the battery-powered sedan.

In the UK, prices start at £39,990 for the base rear-wheel-drive Model 3, which is roughly the equivalent of $48,700, while the dual-motor all-wheel drive variant goes for £49,990 ($60,900).

In Ireland, the RWD version starts at €42,990, which is about $45,500 at today’s exchange rate, while the dual-motor AWD costs €50,990, or roughly $53,900.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand were already able to order the redesigned EV, and now people in Singapore can join the group of countries where this is possible, with prices starting at 68,900 Singapore dollars (SGD), which is the equivalent of 50,300 USD, for the RWD Model 3, while the dual-motor trim costs 78,990 SGD, or about 57,700 USD.

With all this being said, North America is probably the biggest territory in the world where Tesla is present but it’s still selling the pre-facelift version of the Model 3. One explanation for this is that Canadian-, US-, and Mexico-bound Model 3s are assembled at the company’s Fremont Gigafactory, while the rest of the world gets its Model 3 fix from the Shanghai Gigafactory in China.

Tesla’s Chinese team was also responsible for much of the development work done on the updated EV, with a video that was recently posted online showing a prototype hitting its top speed on a closed course in China.

In the United States, Tesla’s Fremont factory was reportedly closed for upgrades earlier this year, which usually means that a refreshed model is getting ready to hit the assembly lines. Furthermore, at least two facelifted Model 3s were spotted in the US by keen observers after it debuted in Europe at the end of August, which hints at the vehicle’s imminent release here, but we don’t know for sure when that will happen.

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