Tata Nexon EV V2V and V2L Features: Explore Technology Behind It


Tata Nexon EV:  V2V and V2L Technology

India’s most popular electric car Tata Nexon EV again relaunched in September 2023 in two variants Long range and Medium range which have six different exciting colors.  Long Range which has 40.5 kWh of battery capacity giving a range of 465 km and Medium Range which has 30 kWh of battery capacity giving a range of 325 km on ARAI cycle. Tata has made many improvements to provide better driving experiences and better vehicle performance as well as efficiency. The company has also claimed that because of improved technology, the overall range is improved by 7% in real life. Tata has provided all LED lights at the front and back which makes it look like a next-generation product. 


For a high-performance audio-visual experience, cinematic 31.24 cm touchscreen, JBL 360° 3D sound system, wireless charger facilities for mobile, OTA updates, Embedded maps for a safe, intuitive, and enriched driving experience, and Arcade. ev is provided. One more exciting feature is provided by Nexon EV which makes it a moving Powerhouse and that is V2V and V2L. 

What is V2V and V2L Technology 


V2V stands for Vehicle to Vehicle while V2L stands for Vehicle to Load (electrical). Nexon EV gives an AC power output of 5 kVA and 3 kVA for V2V and V2L respectively. If any electric vehicle has a compatible charging connector to Nexon EV can be charged when required. The V2L feature of Nexon EV allows customers to use Nexon EV as a power bank to run other electrical appliances without the need of external power converting devices like Inverter. 

 Advantages of V2V and V2L 

  • Nexon EV can be used to power other vehicles and electrical loads in case of emergency.


  • It can help the power grid to work under stable conditions in the future. In the coming days the number of EVs is going to increase and charging these vehicles at the same time can create great stress on the grid causing voltage instability and phase unbalance, and failure of distribution network components. But V2V and V2L technology can be used to power the household when stress on the grid is more.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Take Nexon EV camping or on road trips and power camping equipment, an electric grill, or even a mini-fridge.

How does V2V and V2L work?

To enable V2V and V2L features, the EV needs to be equipped with bidirectional charging hardware. This includes an inverter that can convert the DC (direct current) power stored in the EV’s battery into AC power. The bidirectional charging system is tightly integrated with the EV’s Battery Management System. The BMS monitors and manages the state of the battery, ensuring that it remains within safe operating conditions. It controls the charging and discharging processes, including the rate of power flow. Bidirectional charging systems also use communication protocols to exchange data between the EV, and external devices. This data exchange is crucial for monitoring and controlling the power flow, as well as ensuring safety.


Specifications of Nexon EV Facelift 

Range  465 km 
Charging time 56 mins (10-80% of SOC)
Speed (0-100 km/h)  8.9 Seconds
Power Output of Motor 106.4 kW


Prices of Nexon EV Facelift 

The price of Nexon EV is between Rs 14.74 L- 19.94 L varying based on the variants and trims. In terms of platform technology, perhaps the Nexon.ev is something other automakers should aspire to. As only a few in this industry offer both features at this price point. 

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