Rivian Updates Configurator With Dual-Motor, Standard Battery Pack Options

Shortly after showcasing the performance dual-motor Rivian R1T in a YouTube video, the Irvine-headquartered brand has added the dual-motor and performance dual-motor versions of the electric truck to its online configurator and shop.

A Rivian Forums member frequenting the online shop saw a dual-motor version with the large, 135-kilowatt-hour battery pack and 21-inch wheels listed for $70,000.

Although he appears to be a preorder holder before the price hikes took effect – such customers are offered inventory vehicles as per Electrek. For some other owners, the same configuration costs $80,000, as per the forum.

The dual-motor R1T paired with the smaller 105-kilowatt-hour battery pack is also now available on the configurator. This base R1T has a Rivian-estimated range of 270 miles, and its starting price is $73,000, $15,000 lower than the starting price of the quad-motor version with the 135 kWh battery and an EPA-estimated 328 miles range.

Rivian R1T dual-motor, standard pack

The R1S configurator has also been updated, with the dual-motor electric SUV with the standard pack and 260 miles range starting at $78,000, $14,000 lower than the quad motor variant. Note that the performance dual-motor versions are unavailable with the small battery pack for both models.

Since launch, the Rivian R1T was only available in the quad-motor iteration. While the four motors unleashed ferocious performance, they made the EVs more expensive. Production constraints appeared to be the stumbling block in scaling up. But the brand seems to be overcoming these issues slowly as it set a new all-time record for deliveries in Q2 2023.


The quad motor system is Bosch-sourced, although it is engineered and manufactured by Rivian. The new dual-motor Enduro drive units are developed in-house, and EPA filings revealed that they come with a marginal bump in performance and range, compared to the brand’s previous estimates.

They entered production early this year for both the R1T and R1S. The addition of an in-house developed motor is likely to speed up customer deliveries, as Rivian suggested in the Tweet above. Moreover, with the federal clean vehicle credit, customers will likely be able to get back $3,750 in tax benefits.

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