Ram electric van lineup to expand, gain hydrogen fuel cell version

Ram’s future commercial vehicle lineup could include both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vans.

Ram parent Stellantis on Monday unveiled battery-electric and fuel-cell powertrains as part of a revamp of commercial vans for its European-market brands Citroën, Fiat, Opel, Vauxhall, and Peugeot. Details on future Ram vans are being saved for another date, but Stellantis hinted that fuel cells might be on the way alongside a previously-confirmed EV.

The automaker plans to unveil a Ram ProMaster EV in 2024, but noted that “the future portfolio includes hydrogen fuel-cell technology.”

2022 Ram ProMaster

2022 Ram ProMaster

It’s likely that Ram vans will continue to be based on European-market models (the current ProMaster is a rebadged Fiat Ducato) meaning they could share the zero-emission powertrains discussed in Monday’s announcement.

Stellantis claims a second-generation fuel-cell powertrain launching in 2024 will offer 249 miles of range in mid-size vans and 311 miles in large vans (likely as measured on the more optimistic European WLTP testing cycle). Mid-size vans will also be available with battery packs of 50 kwh or 75 kwh offering up to 224 miles of range, while large vans will get a 110-kwh pack affording 261 miles, with 150-kw DC fast charging that can take the larger pack from 0% to 80% in less than an hour, per Stellantis.

When Stellantis announced the Ram ProMaster EV in 2022, it said the initial focus would be on last-mile delivery operations. An expanded lineup of powertrains could allow for a wider range of use cases. Ram’s rivals have already launched electric vans for North America in the form of the Ford E-Transit and General Motors’ new BrightDrop brand, although the latter has experienced production issues.

2019 Ram ProMaster

2019 Ram ProMaster

Stellantis just last week announced four U.S.-bound electrified pickups in two years, including “a new hydrogen solution” that could potentially share powertrain components with the hinted fuel-cell van.

The first electrified Ram model will be the 2025 Ram 1500 REV pickup truck, which is due to launch next year. The company has said this full-size pickup will be offered in both fully electric and range-extended XR guises—with fleet versions of both powertrains to come.

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