Ola Cruiser Electric Motorcycle: Price, Range & Specification


Ola Cruiser Electric Motorcycle

Ola Electric recently unveiled its future intentions for the Indian two-wheeler electric market at an event, where it made an important introduction of 4 distinct electric motorcycles.

The four electric motorcycles from Ola Electric are all hailed as trailblazers in the Indian market for electric two-wheelers and were each designed with a specific target market in mind. As a result, the prices of these four electric motorcycles will vary greatly as well. 

The founder of Ola Electric, Bhavish Agarwal, has also stated that these electric motorcycles are not made with the Indian market in mind; rather, he believes they will work well for the global market for electric vehicles too.

One of the motorcycles revealed by Ola Electric during that event is the Ola Cruiser. Consequently, we are going to examine the speculative data on the performance of the Ola Cruiser electric motorcycle in this post.

Design and Looks  https://e-vehicleinfo.com/ola-cruiser-electric-motorcycle/

The Ola Cruiser Electric Motorcycle’s seat design is wavy throughout the entire motorcycle and continues in front of the handlebars. This electric motorcycle looks rather hefty and aggressive in comparison to others, which makes it more alluring.

With only dazzling Silver, white, and grey colors utilized in the design of the Ola Cruiser, the color orange is only used sparingly to draw attention to the design. It also looks like a high-end electric motorcycle thanks to its shiny color palette.

Since traditional cruiser Motorcycles are typically heavy, the Ola Cruiser electric bike’s bulky form gives off the right vibe of a traditional cruiser Motorcycle while incorporating an updated design. It will also help this electric motorcycle to fit a battery with high power.

The riding position becomes extremely aggressive with a relaxed attitude of the rider and forward-set foot pegs, and this electric Motorcycle appears to be only fit for single-person use. Additionally, The Ola Cruiser is a chain-driven electric motorcycle.

The Ola Cruiser’s back sports a very thin, curved LED light that appears both fashionable and futuristic. Furthermore, the rear wheel consists of a single swing arm and a 17-inch wheel with a single disc. The front wheel will be a 19-inch USD Form dual disc wheel.

The front of the dash is fitted with a digital display, which is also present on some of the older Ola electric scooters. The dash will contain a number of high-tech features and an operating system specifically created by Ola..

Expected Specifications

Range 200-250 km
Front Suspension Telescopic forks
Rear Suspension  Mono shock
Brakes Disc brakes

Note that the manufacturers have only teased the look of the Ola Cruiser electric motorcycle in order to raise anticipation in the market and that all performance data, specs, and prices of the electric vehicle are not precise.

This information is based on market analyses and predictions made by prominent EV critics leveraging manufacturers’ teased information.


Expected Pricing

The estimated price of the Ola Cruiser electric motorcycle is likely to be more than 2 lakhs, taking into account its category, target market, and predicted performance by EV critics

Launch Date 

Even though the manufacturer hasn’t provided many details about the Ola Cruiser electric motorcycle’s specs and performance, we won’t have to wait long to find out more because Bhavish Agarwal has said that these electric motorcycles will be introduced to the Indian market by the end of 2024.

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