New Tesla Model 3 | 2024- The Best One Is Yet to Come!

Also known as Project Highland or Refresh, the new Tesla Model 3 is a fan-fav car. Tesla has made a lot of improvements by looking at the user’s complaints about the previous M3 cars. It is expected to be released in between the October 2023 – early 2024.

With so many rumors about this car, I’ve thought of finding the real changes in the new Model 3 version and sharing it with you guys in this guide. Here I Go!

Key Takeaways:

  • The purchase price is expected to be affordable as Tesla has planned to cut down the production costs.
  • In total, the new Model 3 Highland or Refresh comes in Ultra-red, All-black, and Stealth gray shades.
  • Tesla has made 75 changes to lessen noise from wind, bumps, roads, and impacts.

What’s New in the New Tesla Model 3 Highland?

The new Tesla M3 is a highly rumored car that contains tons of new things and changes. Before I share it in detail, take a look at the new Tesla Model 3 specs table below:

Category Specification
Color Options 3 shades
New features Airway 2.0 system, ventilated seats, fog light in the dash, etc.
Number of Bluetooth System 2 central systems
Number of Speaker 17 speakers
Range 423 miles in Rear-Wheel Drive / 346 miles in Long Range
Price Range More than $30,000 in US/ £42,000 in the UK

1. Exterior Design

To begin with the outer styling of the new Model 3, Tesla has done a great job. The big change in the front is the headlights which are now slimmer and sleeker with better prominent LED lighting. Plus, all the headlights have more Audi.

Tesla Model 3 Old Vss New headlights

And, you can see the changes in the shape with a bigger vent in the center. Tesla also launched 2 different shades for the new M3 cars which are ultra red and stealth gray (a little darker than the previous one). All the color schemes seem decent and clean-looking in the car.

New Tesla Model 3 - 2024

Unlike the old one, at the rear side, Tesla added new tail lights which are no longer split in the new Model 3 car. And, when you open the rear trunk, the whole attached part with tail lights will go upward.

The inside space is similar to the old Model 3. Moreover, Tesla has improved the look of the bumper by adding fog lights into them.

2. Interior Design

When talking about how the inside of the new Model 3 looks, it’s really impressive. What’s cool is that almost everything looks different, from the big car’s screen to the simple dashboard and the steering wheel (which is kind of like the one in the Model S/X).

Tesla New vs Old Model 3 Interior Design

It’s mostly the same as the old Model 3, but it has a fresh new appearance and some changes inside. And, there’s this special fog light panel that lights up with LEDs, which looks awesome at night.

Plus, they made some other changes like a big vent in the middle, got rid of the control stalks around the steering wheel, and added buttons to the steering wheel. They also redesigned the center console, using aluminum instead of plastic and it looks pretty sleek.

3. Impact Noise and Vibration

The new Model 3 car is quieter because it’s made with better materials and improved parts. This means that when you’re inside the car, there’s less noise from things like the frunk, windows, windshield, trunk, and so on.

Tesla worked on the car and made 30 changes to lessen noise from the wind and other outside sounds. They also made 25 changes to reduce noise from things like bumps and hits.

Plus, they did 20 things to make the car quieter when you’re driving on the road. So, all in all, it’s a quieter and more peaceful ride!

4. Suspension and Tires

Focusing on lessening the cost of production and creating a luxurious car, tesla has made great changes to the new M3 car’s suspension. The old one is still capable of dealing with bigger bumps and bad terrains.

New Tesla Model 3 Vs Previous Model 3

But, the old Model 3 ground clearance is a downside that may not be ideal for riding over wet or tall obstacles. Thinking of the old M3’s bad sides, the new one comes with upgraded suspension, springs, dampers, and so on. This helps it to shift the geometry of the front side.

Plus, Tesla has changed the tires with better ones that make less noise on the roads and apparently give a more cushiony feel. Because of these, the car’s wheel would run smoothly over high bumps.

What’s awesome about the new M3 car is that the wheel covers are mostly made of strong metal in a fresh style. You can pick either 18-inch or 19-inch sizes, and they have a special pattern that makes the wheels appear a bit bigger than the old ones.

5. Infotainment

Tesla has made a few changes to the infotainment parts like the screen and so on. You’ll find the car’s screen a little brighter and responsive which has the same dimension as before. And, there’s no change in the processor behind the screen.

Then again, the new M3 will come with a new Airway 2.0 system that helps keep the front area ventilated. The good news is that you can finally turn off and on the passenger air vent if you wish to, unlike before.

new M3 will come with a new Airway 2.0 system

Also, Tesla has made Bluetooth better in the new M3 car and lets you have 2 central systems with a good collection of microphones on each side. That means no more pain when talking with your favorite person.

Other than this, the brand has improved on the Wi-Fi connectivity and router parts so you can connect to your phone after setting up the phone key

Another thing you’ll find new in the latest M3 is the stereo that offers more bass and punch as the car has 17 speakers instead of 14. You’ll also find a wiring charging option and USB C-ports under the center console that charge any device at 65 watts.

6. Front and Back Seats

In the 2024 Tesla Model 3, the front seats are pretty identical to the previous ones as there are no changes to the seats.

However, the rear seats do have a refreshing look with a geometry that makes it a little reclined and cozy. For long or tall folks, it might seem closer to the floor making your knees a little high up with less room to stretch in the front.

And, you’ll find 2 USB C-type ports to charge a laptop, mobile, or other devices. The best part of the new M3 car is the small touchscreen that lets them control the climate control, stereo, heater, and so on. It also lets you watch Netflix, YouTube, and so on.

On the bright side, the front and rear seats are perforated leather which makes them look more expensive and classier. Due to this, you get to keep them heated or ventilated with cool air. To understand it better, learn here does Teslas have ventilated seats.

7. Efficiency, Range, and Battery Life

Another thing that Tesla has changed on the cars is the efficiency. To be specific, the Model 3 battery and motor are the same as the old one.

But the brand has been able to make improvements in the car’s efficiency by up to 8%. Thanks to this, the new M3 car has better aerodynamics and drops the drag coefficient from 0.225 CD to 0.219 CD.

And, this makes the new M3 one of the best aerodynamic Tesla cars that one can get. You’ll also find new changes to the range option for the new Tesla Model 3 Long Range and Rear-Wheel Drive version.

In the latest M3 Long Range with a dual motor, the range is around 346 miles (554 kilometers). On the other hand, the range is up to 423 miles (678 kilometers) in the new M3 Rear-Wheel Drive with a single motor.

8. Release Date and Pricing

As there’s no report of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 release date, it is still unknown. But you can find it in Italy and other European countries pretty soon.

2024 Tesla Model 3 release date

Well, the new Tesla Model 3 highland release date is going to be in October 2023 in most of the European countries officially. In other places, it might be released in early 2024.

When it comes to how much it costs, Tesla now seems to focus on making affordable cars that cost less. So, in the UK, the new Tesla Model 3 price might start at around £42,000, and in the USA, it might start at about $30,000.

Wrapping Up

As lots of folks are expecting good things from the new Tesla Model 3 Highland or Refresh, Tesla still making some improvements before officially releasing the cars.

And, I think they’ll rock it by seeing the first glance of its recent changes. Hope this guide helps you to know the ins and outs of the upcoming Model 3 car!

Now, if you don’t know, then be sure to check out the new Tesla Model 2 release date which is around the end of 2023 or 2024. Happy Reading!

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