New Addmotor Graoopro Unveiled As Long-Distance Cargo E-Bike

California-based e-bike specialist Addmotor is all about supercharging your cycling experience. Indeed, its name could be interpreted as to simply add (a) motor to your cycling experience. As it would turn out, adding a motor to a bike unlocks all sorts of potential, allowing you to ride further and carry way more than a regular muscle-powered bike can.

This is the case with Addmotor’s newest offering, the Graoopro. This new e-bike not only boasts an impressive range of up to 210 miles on a single charge, but also has the ability to carry all the cargo you need, plus your youngster on a rear-mounted child seat.

Diving right into the technology, the Addmotor Graoopro is able to achieve such long range thanks to the fact that it has not one, but two batteries, each of which with a 48-volt, 20-ampere-hour configuration. Combined, they provide a total of 960 watt-hours of capacity. According to Addmotor, this is enough to power up the bike’s rear hub motor which has a nominal power output of 750 watts, and a peak output of 1,000 watts. This means a top speed of 20 miles per hour on assist mode.

Addmotor Graoopro E-Bike

All that power is meaningless without control, and so Addmotor throws in a smart controller that offers seven levels of pedal assist. On top of that, the bike incorporates a torque sensor which promises smooth pedal assistance tailored to every pedal stroke. It’s worth noting, however, that Addmotor says its torque sensor has “36 sensing points,” so it remains to be seen whether the so-called torque sensor on the Graoopro is actually a torque sensor, or an upgraded cadence sensor — something more commonly found on affordable e-bikes.

Performance aside, the Addmotor Graoopro is designed first and foremost as a cargo bike for the city. As such, it has quite an impressive payload capacity. For starters, it’s said to have a rider weight rating of up to 300 pounds, with an additional 150 pounds for cargo on the rear rack. Like many e-bikes of this sort, there’s a breadth of accessories available here, including all sorts of baskets, passenger seats, and child seats allowing you to mix and match depending on what you’re hauling for the day.

Addmotor Graoopro E-Bike

Other tech that comes as standard in the EB2.0 LED lighting kit that features front and rear lighting for better nighttime visibility. The bike rolls on 24-inch wheels, and is suspended by an 80-millimeter suspension fork up front to smoothen out uneven terrain. It comes to a stop with mechanical disc brakes – a telling sign that this bike was built on a budget.

Speaking of budget, it’s pretty affordable, especially if you opt for the single-battery version that promises 105 miles of range. This model is priced at $1,999 USD. Meanwhile, the dual-battery model which flaunts the full 210 miles of range, will set you back $2,698 USD, still a pretty good deal considering all the bike’s claimed capabilities.

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