Musk’s monster: Secret Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous coming to battle the BMW M3 with more power and performance

Tesla is secretly working on a wild follow-up to its current Tesla Model 3 Performance that is set to challenge the likes of the combustion-powered BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C 63 S for super-sedan supremacy.

Set to be named the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous, the plan for an even faster take on the best-selling Tesla Model 3 based on the facelifted ‘Project Highland’ Model 3 were unearthed by X account user @klwtts in a leaked parts catalogue for the facelifted US-made sedan.

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Full details for the Model 3 Ludicrous have yet to be revealed by Tesla but the parts catalogue suggests, as well as new Ludicrous badging, the flagship Tesla Model 3 will come with new sports suspension, bigger brakes and new 19-inch ‘Helix’ alloy rims that are thought to save kilos and have been developed for performance driving.

Previously, it’s been reported that Tesla boss, Elon Musk, had ruled out a full-fat Plaid version of the entry Tesla Model 3, which means the Ludicrous is almost certain to miss out on the flagship Plaid’s triple-motor powertrain that produces an incredible 760kW in the mid-size sedan.

Instead, it’s thought to deliver on its name the Model 3 Ludicrous will rely on a more powerful take on the Model 3 Performance’s dual-motor powertrain.

It’s not been known if the Model 3 Performance will also be reintroduced as it was dropped as part of the small Tesla’s facelift, or if the Ludicrous is its direct replacement.

Previously, the Ludicrous name was used on pre-2021 Model S and Model X as a driving mode that unlocked the sedan and SUV’s maximum power.

Reusing the Ludicrous name as a performance sub-brand is a new strategy that could position the fastest Tesla Model 3 as a true sports sedan alternative to the BMW M3. If so, expect the fastest-ever Model 3 to feature new advanced chassis tech to maximise its cross-country pace and help it set a new Nurburgring lap record.

There’s no word yet when the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous will be introduced but it’s thought it could be available to order in all markets before the end of this year ahead of deliveries beginning in early 2024.

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