Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Plug-in Hybrid Introduced With 544 Horsepower

With the new Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+ as an SUV and as Coupé the performance and sports car brand from Affalterbach is supplementing the model portfolio with a plug-in hybrid with a high level of everyday use and long electric range.

The basis for the sporty driving experience is the 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder turbo engine. For use in the hybrid, the engine known from the conventional GLE was extensively modified again. At 330 kW (449 hp), it now produces 10 kW (14 hp) more than before. The update measures include reprogrammed software and an additional nose cooler. The electric additional compressor could be omitted in the hybrid variant because the electric motor takes over its tasks such as electrical boosting. The result: The 3.0‑litre engine reacts extremely spontaneously and offers highly dynamic response.

The in-line six‑cylinder is combined with a 100‑kW electric motor, a traction battery with 31.2 kWh capacity and the fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive. The high power density of the hybrid power unit is achieved by the permanently excited internal rotor synchronous technology. The electric motor’s maximum torque of 480 Nm is available from the first revolution and ensures high agility even when starting off.

The system output of 400 kW (544 hp) and the maximum system torque of 750 Nm enable impressive driving performance: acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h takes 4.7 seconds. The propulsion only ends at an electronically limited speed of 250 km/h. Up to 140 km/h are possible purely electrically. With an electric range of 80‑86 kilometres (SUV) and 82‑87 kilometres (Coupé) according to WLTP, most everyday distances can be covered purely electrically. A charger with 11 kW charging power is on board for charging with alternating current. In addition, a 60 kW DC fast charger for direct current is available upon request. This allows the battery to be charged from 10% to 80% charge within 20 minutes.

Redesigned look and hybrid-specific design elements

The new Mercedes‑AMG 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+ adopts the numerous design and equipment changes to the conventionally powered GLE models that have been available since Spring 2023. In addition, the plug-in hybrid can be recognised by special design elements inside and out. The cooling air inflow integrated into the centre of the front guard is open, as an additional nose cooler is located here. Hybrid-specific badges on the front fenders and rear indicate the electrified drive. The GLE 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+ comes standard with 21-inch light alloy wheels. The AMG high-performance brake system has internally ventilated brake discs measuring 400×38 millimetres on the front axle with six-piston fixed calipers and 370×32 millimetres on the rear axle with single-piston floating calipers.

Inside, the MBUX infotainment system includes hybrid-specific displays and functions. These include the charging menu and displays in the instrument cluster and on the multimedia screen, which provide information about, among other things, the charging status and temperature of the high-voltage battery as well as the electric range.

Extensively upgraded standard equipment

The new Mercedes‑AMG 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+ adopts the offering logic of the AMG GLE 53 series, which precisely responds to frequently expressed customer requests. The SUV’s standard equipment already includes, among other things, the electric panoramic sunroof, heated front seats, the adaptive high beam assistant and smartphone integration. In addition, the switchable AMG performance exhaust system, the Burmester sound system, the memory package, the 360-degree parking pilot, the KEYLESS GO package and the blind spot assistant are on board as standard.

There is also the latest generation of the AMG performance steering wheel. The round AMG steering wheel buttons also impress with their brilliant displays and intuitive operating logic. This allows you to control important driving functions and all driving programmes without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. The steering wheel rim can be optionally heated and can also be ordered in a carbon look. The standard equipment on the coupé is even more extensive: air conditioning for the front seats, the MBUX augmented reality function and MULTIBEAM LED headlights are also standard.

Newly developed chassis

The AMG RIDE CONTROL air suspension with adaptive damping was specially developed and tailored to the requirements of the GLE 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+ with new hardware and software. It offers a balanced combination of adequate acoustic insulation for purely electric driving in combination with a very sporty character typical of AMG.

In addition to new passive stabilisers on the front and rear axles, the hybrid has new stop buffers in the front struts and completely new dampers on the rear axle. The software has also been completely reprogrammed. The tuning of the chassis, ESP®, the fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive and the steering, which is adapted exactly to the hybrid drive, enables a balanced and safe, but also dynamic and confident driving experience.

AMG driving programmes offer a wide-ranging driving experience

From efficient to dynamic: The AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programmes are tailored precisely to the drive technology of the plug-in hybrid. They adjust important parameters such as the response of the drive and transmission, the steering characteristic, the chassis damping or the sound. By default, the electrified 53 model starts silently in the “Electric” driving programme when the electric motor is switched on. The “Ready” icon in the instrument cluster signals that the vehicle is ready to drive.

In addition to the well-known driving programmes “Comfort”, “Sport”, Sport+”, “Smoothness” and “Individual” there are two hybrid-specific driving programmes in the new Mercedes‑AMG 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+. With “Electric”, purely electric driving takes place from a standstill up to 140 km/h. If the battery is empty or the driver suddenly requests more power (e.g. for a quick overtaking manoeuvre), the intelligent operating strategy switches automatically: the combustion engine starts and briefly takes over the drive power.

In the “Battery Hold” driving programme, the combustion engine and electric motor run at a maximum boost of around 25 percent, as in the “Comfort” driving programme. The biggest difference: the operating strategy keeps the battery charge level constant. For example, if the battery is at 75 percent charge, it will remain in this range if the “Battery Hold” driving programme is selected. The use of the electric motor is then limited and optimised for low energy consumption, which is compensated by recuperation. By simply changing the driving programme, drivers can decide when they want to fully use the battery charge again, for example for inner-city traffic.

When driving purely electrically, the legally required Acoustic Vehicle Altering System warns the surroundings of the performance hybrid’s approach. A specially composed, low-frequency and speed-modulated AMG sound is heard. This is broadcast to the outside via a speaker at the front and a soundbar with two speakers at the rear. Part of the sound can also be heard discreetly in the interior as acoustic feedback for passengers. In the European Union, the system is active up to 20 km/h. The electric driving signal then fades out harmoniously.

Data overview

    Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+
Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 HYBRID 4MATIC+ Coupé
Cylinder number/arrangement   6/in-line 6/in-line
Displacement cm3 2,999 2,999
Rated power petrol engine kW/hp 330/449 330/449
at 1/min 5,800-6,100 5,800-6,100
Normal power petrol engine Nm 560 560
at 1/min 2,200-5,000 2,200-5,000
Rated power electric motor kW 100 100
Rated torque electric motor Nm 480 480
System performance kW/hp 400/544 400/544
System torque (Nm) Nm 750 750
Total battery capacity kWh 31.2 31.2
Acceleration 0-100 km/h s 4.7 4.7
Top speed km/h 250 250
Top speed electric km/h 140 140
Combined fuel consumption, weighted (WLTP) l/100 km 1.5-1.3 1.4-1.2
Combined CO₂ emissions, weighted (WLTP) g/km 33-29 31-27
Combined energy consumption, weighted (WLTP) kWh/100 km 30.0-28.7 29.2-28.0
Electric range (EAER, WLTP) km 80-86 82-87
Price from Euro 125,515.25 Euro 133,851.20 Euro


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