Lucid Adds Air Pure RWD To Model Lineup

Lucid Group is launching the new Lucid Air Pure RWD, which completes the Air model lineup while offering exceptional driving range of up to 410 miles, elegant design, and outstanding driver engagement, all at a starting price of $77,400.

“The new Lucid Air Pure RWD has it all; style and technology, range and performance, space and practicality,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid. “I’m delighted that the most accessible Air surpasses the range of any other electric car from any other brand. With a starting price of $77,400, I believe that this new addition to the Lucid Air lineup is the car so many have been waiting for.”

The Air Pure RWD is the most aerodynamic car currently in production, featuring sleek and sporty exterior design. Its luxurious and spacious interior, drawing inspiration from Midcentury Modern design, features sustainably sourced quality materials.

Lucid’s game-changing proprietary EV technology means the Air Pure comes with the freedom to drive longer distances with confidence, and to spend less time charging, adding up to 150 miles in less than 12 minutes with DC fast charging. The new Air Pure RWD joins a lineup of Lucid Air models that have transformative range, including the Lucid Air Grand Touring, with the most range available in any EV today, estimated by the EPA at 516 miles.

Lucid’s focus on innovation has improved nearly every aspect of the vehicle for drivers and passengers. A groundbreaking electric motor, engineered and manufactured in-house by Lucid, delivers silent, driver-oriented performance. With a new battery pack unique to the Air Pure RWD – Lucid’s most compact battery pack to date – rear-seat occupants can stretch their legs and enjoy limo-like space, while the Air Pure RWD’s cavernous trunk and frunk can swallow all the luggage and gear for a road-tripping family of four.

The Air Pure RWD is priced from $77,400 and comes very well equipped. Standard features include Apple CarPlay, a 34-inch curved Glass Cockpit display, heated front and rear seats and steering wheel, brilliant nighttime illumination from Lucid’s patented Micro Lens Array LED headlights, the DreamDrive constellation of advanced driver assistance systems, and the Lucid UX digital environment, designed to grow and improve over time with regular over-the-air software updates.

Blagojce Krivevski

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