Kia teases two new electric vehicles ahead of Kia EV day event

South Korean automaker Kia is set to unveil two innovative electric concept vehicles, a compact crossover and an all-electric sedan, during an upcoming event in Korea.

The Kia EV Day marks the inaugural edition of an annual showcase where Kia will display its electric cars and cutting-edge technology. This event marks the beginning of what is set to become an annual tradition, showcasing Kia’s new electric models, concepts, and technologies, and solidifying the brand as a leader in sustainable mobility.

The company has indicated that it will introduce “three new small- to medium-sized electric models” at this event. To offer a sneak peek, Kia has released a teaser image featuring five silhouetted models with their daytime running lights illuminated. Among these, the EV6 is positioned on the far left, the EV9 on the far right, and the recently revealed Kia EV5 SUV in the center. The event will also provide comprehensive details about the EV5.

In addition to the aforementioned vehicles, two more offerings will make their debut: a sleek saloon and a compact crossover. The latter is rumored to be named the Kia EV3, a successor to the popular Soul EV. While information about the sedan is currently limited, Kia’s history of launching new models across various market segments suggests it is a logical progression.

EV Day will also feature a strategic update outlining Kia’s ambitious plans for expanding its market share and sales in the electric era. Kia’s objectives for 2030 include selling 1.2 million EVs globally, driven by a significant expansion of its EV lineup, advanced autonomous driving technology, and innovative digital revenue streams. These goals align with Kia’s ‘Plan S’ electrification strategy and echo the ambitions of its sister brand, Hyundai, as Kia strives to become a leader in sustainable mobility on a global scale.

Kia has outlined four primary targets for 2030:

– Selling 1.6 million battery-electric vehicles
– Achieving a total sales figure of four million vehicles
– Implementing advanced connectivity and autonomous driving capabilities across its entire model range
– Becoming a leading provider of purpose-built vehicles for third-party fleet operators

Kia has also disclosed plans to expand its pure-electric lineup to include 15 models by 2027, including two pickup trucks and an entry-level BEV, potentially serving as a zero-emission successor to the current Kia Picanto city car. Notably, the brand intends for all future bespoke EVs to follow the Kia EV6’s lead by offering a GT-badged performance range-topper, featuring distinctive design elements.

Blagojce Krivevski

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