Jeep Avenger Orders Exceeded 40,000

Jeep announced that its newly launched Avenger model, which is the European Car of the Year 2023, noted a cumulative number of over 40,000 orders.

The company appears to be happy with the outcome, especially since over 40 percent of the Jeep Avenger orders happen to be all-electric versions (the majority of the orders are gasoline though).

According to Dataforce (via Automotive News Europe), the number of Jeep Avenger registrations through August amounted to 18,487, out of which 31 percent were all-electric. The share of BEVs increased recently and, in the month of August, it was 58 percent.

The Avenger, which was launched last year at the Paris Auto Show, is produced at Stellantis’ plant in Poland. At launch, the BEV model started at about $41,500 (€39,500) for the fully loaded 1st Edition trim level.

The car is equipped with a 54-kilowatt-hour battery and a 115-kilowatt electric motor (front-mounted because it’s front-wheel drive only). The European WLTP driving range rating is 342 miles (550 kilometers). For reference, the ICE version has a small 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine (availability of this version spreads throughout Europe, since it’s still attractive for many customers as the market shows).

Jeep noted that Avenger sales accelerated in the last three months, due to deliveries starting in more European markets.

Together with the plug-in hybrid Renegade model, Jeep’s share in the B-SUV plug-in segment in Europe increased to 10.6 percent. In Italy, it’s almost 50 percent, because of the popularity of the Renegade (the top model with a 7.9 percent share in the B-SUV segment).

Automotive News Europe reports that Jeep Renegade 4xe noted more than 32,000 registrations during the first eight months in Europe, compared to 31,705 in 2022.

Stellantis’ Jeep has an interesting strategy of offering plug-in hybrid or all-electric options for various models, and so far, sales of rechargeable cars are consistently growing. We will see how long Jeep will be able to continue on this path. At some point in the future, there will be some standalone all-electric models as well.

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