Japan’s Terra Charge first EV Charging Infrastructure development venture launched in India


Japanese electric vehicle manufacturer Terra Motors Corporation has launched Terra Charge, Japan’s first EV charging infrastructure development venture in India. Terra Motors is significantly advancing in sustainable transportation by introducing its state-of-the-art charging infrastructure, set to transform the electric vehicle landscape. With the launch of Terra Charge, the corporation aims to take an important step towards making EVs more available for their valued customers in India. 

Terra Charge is committed to building an EV infrastructure environment that supports the expansion of EV Vehicles for the next generation of clean EV revolution. 

Terra’s Charge Range comprises of: 

Charger Type Description Capacity
Home Socket Chargers Basic home charging
Smart Plus (AC 3.3KW) Shared home charging AC 3.3KW
CCS2 Chargers Public charging Varies
AC Small Chargers Home and destination use AC 7.5KW
CHAdeMO/CCS2/GBT Chargers At-destination use DC 30KW
DC Charger Destination and public charging station use AC/DC 82KW
Bus Chargers (Various Capacities) Public charging for buses 120KW, 180KW, 240KW


Words by Akihiro Ueda, CEO of Terra Motors [On LinkedIn Handle] 

“As the first Japanese company to offer EV charging services in India, we aim to lead the EV ecosystem and drive the EV revolution towards a sustainable future. To offer our customers a seamless charging experience, we have developed a comprehensive range of EV chargers tailored to meet fleets, commercial properties, residential societies, and personal parking space requirements”. 

With Terra Chargers, you can enjoy a hassle-free and convenient charging solution for your residential society. Users can seamlessly install charging stations within their society premises, ensuring a smooth and efficient charging experience. Regular maintenance and support for uninterrupted charging facilities will be offered to the customers for tension-free charging and customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of their society. Terra Chargers incorporate  Japanese technology, renowned for its reliability, efficiency, and precision. 


Terra Motors Corporation, the driving force behind the transportation revolution in Asia, was founded in April 2010 by the visionary Mr. Toru Tokushige with a dream to pioneer an eco-friendly transportation system in Asian nations. Recognizing that over 80% of global gasoline motorcycle sales are concentrated in Asia, the company’s focus is on combatting the critical issue of air pollution stemming from motorcycle exhaust emissions. Terra Motors takes immense pride in its valuable progress in India, where it has emerged as a leader in electric three-wheelers’ development, production, sales, and post-sales support. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their achievement of homologation, making them the first foreign company in India to reach this important milestone.

Since its establishment in 2014, Terra Motors India has evolved into a global enterprise, harnessing Japanese technology to promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation system. Their unwavering commitment to this cause has driven the company to grow by more than 200%, showcasing its success in meeting its clients’ needs. 


The launch of Terra Charge by Terra Motors represents a significant leap towards a more sustainable and accessible future for electric vehicle users. With a focus on providing high-quality chargers for fleets, commercial properties, residential societies, and personal parking spaces, Terra Charge is set to make electric vehicle charging more convenient than ever. We hope that the introduction of Terra Charge will bring substantial benefit to its customers and make their charging experience seamless and accessible.

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