How Wide Is The Tesla Cybertruck? Enthusiast Measures It With A Tape

Despite the Tesla Cybertruck being heavily spied on and publicized, several of its details remain obscure. However, the enthusiast community continues to unearth relevant nuggets of information to pique our interests, and thanks to them we now have additional clues about the Cybertruck’s dimensions.

A reservation holder walked straight up to a stationary Cybertruck that he spotted charging and measured it using household tape – the same one that you might use to measure home furniture. He posted the results on the Cybertruck Owners Club online forum, revealing a rear bumper width of 72 inches and an overall width of 78 inches after factoring in the rear tires.

He claimed the electric truck appeared as wide as the Model S, which measures 78.2 inches wide excluding mirrors.

Note that the Cybertruck might not be equally wide in the front, the mid-section, and the rear, and official regulatory measurements might differ by a few inches. CEO Elon Musk stated in 2020 that the truck would be closer to 82 inches wide, but that figure might have changed during its long development period.

More recently, during the Q2 earnings call, Tesla confirmed that the Cybertruck’s length would be sub 19 feet (228 inches) with a bed longer than six feet (72 inches). For perspective, the Ford F-150 Lightning measures 232.7 inches long, 80.0 inches wide (excluding mirrors), and has a cab height of 78.3 inches, according to the official brochure.

If the aforementioned figures are to be trusted, the Cybertruck will likely fit inside a standard garage. It could be an arduous task, but its rear-axle-steering should contribute to masking its size while maneuvering it in the real world. We’ve seen multiple clips of how the rear wheel steering tightens the Cybertruck’s turning radius. It will also feature a suite of cameras that should help owners place their utopian space-age EV in tight spaces with ease.

That said, the Cybertruck is right around the corner, but not quite there yet. So we might have to wait a little longer for full details. Tesla was supposed to hand over the first customer truck at a delivery event at the Gigafatory Texas towards the end of Q3 2023, but that timeline is long gone, and it seems like the event will now take place in Q4.

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