Honda Teases Fictional Sedan And SUV EVs In New Promo Video

Honda wants to become carbon-neutral by 2050 and bills itself as a company that dreamed of creating a brighter future ever since its inception in 1946. And to show the world how some of its past products, as well as its future ones, have been developed with the environment in mind, it released a new promo video called “Keep Dreaming.”

In the 60-second-long production, Honda shows glimpses of the gas-powered Civic CVCC from the 1970s, the first-generation Insight hybrid, as well as the first-gen Clarity, which was powered by a hydrogen fuel cell in conjunction with an electric motor. In other words, models from the brand’s history that made their names known for being fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Prologue, Honda’s first-ever mass-produced EV, also gets a few seconds under the spotlights, followed by an all-electric EVTOL concept and the brand’s Dreamo endeavor, which aims to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into carbon-neutral fuel with the help of algae.

But it’s at this point where things get a bit interesting, because the narrator – who sounds a lot like wrestler slash actor John Cena (this is unconfirmed, though) – says that the Japanese marque will someday be capable of turning “your old Honda into your brand-new Honda,” all while the video shows an electric sedan stripped of its bodywork and then replaced with new components that transform it into another vehicle that looks like a crossover.

Honda Fictional EV Sedan
Honda Fictional EV SUV

The angular sedan seems to be heavily inspired by the e:N2 concept shown last year that’s slated to become a China-only EV based on Honda’s e:N Architecture F, the company’s first dedicated platform for all-electric vehicles.

The blue SUV that follows in the video is similar to the upcoming Prologue, but judging from what the company said in the past, it may end up being one of the 10 EVs planned by Honda for the Chinese market over the next four years, seeing how there’s a mirrored logo of the e:N architecture on the car’s front right door that looks identical to that found on the e:N2 concept. Alternatively, it may be one of the 30 new EVs planned to go on sale across the globe by 2030.

As a reminder, the Honda Prologue that’s slated to arrive at dealerships in the United States next year is based on the General Motors Ultium platform, the same that’s used for the Chevrolet Blazer EV.

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