Honda Specialty Sports Concept to debut at Japan Mobility Show

Japanese automaker Honda announced a comprehensive lineup for the next month’s Japan Mobility Show, including a potential electric successor of the NSX sports car.

Called the Honda Specialty Sports Concept, the electric sports car concept will be focused on the “pleasure of driving” and the “joy of handling”. Honda says: “The concept model of an electric sports car which will enable the driver to experience the pure joy of driving (driving pleasure) and transcend the constraints of time, even in the era of electrification for carbon neutrality and the popularisation of automated driving technology. The joy of driving and distinctive individuality of this model will enable people to transcend their everyday life.”

Honda’s exhibition at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (what used to be the Tokyo Motor Show) will not solely focus on the potential sports car. The automaker will showcase a range of vehicles and transportation technologies that reflect its commitment to sustainability and advanced solutions.

The Sustainia-C Concept and Pocket Concept are designed to enable people to transcend the constraints of limited resources. These models are made of acrylic resin that is recycled and reused, and being developed to demonstrate the concept of transcending the constraints of the limited availability of resources through “resource circulation” and becoming able to achieve both environmental sustainability and the joy and freedom of mobility long into the future.

Moving on, the CI-MEV concept is a two-seat, four-wheel electric vehicle which features Honda’s original Cooperative Intelligence (CI) and automated driving technologies to offer easily-accessible last-mile mobility for any users. Honda is striving to augment the living radius for people, especially for those who are in situations that tend to limit mobility, such as when there is no public transportation or when people experience difficulty in walking a long distance.

Finally, the SC e: Concept is an electric motorcycle designed to enable people to transcend the constraints of time by easily swapping the batteries and eliminating the waiting time for battery charging. Powered by two units of Honda Mobile Power Pack e: swappable batteries, which is one means of expanding the use of renewable energy, this model offers a smooth and powerful ride unique only to an electric motorcycle and realizes more comfort for people’s daily mobility.

Blagojce Krivevski

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