Honda SC e Electric Scooter Price, Range & Specification


The Japan Mobility Show is currently underway, introducing innovative products that are set to shape the future of mobility. Honda, a renowned Japanese manufacturer, has pulled the covers off its brand-new electric scooter concept, known as the Honda SC e: This concept scooter is part of Honda’s strategy to expand its global lineup of battery-powered vehicles, and it’s attracting a lot of audiences. It’s the latest addition to the electric scooter market and stands out with its ability to hold two battery packs, unlike Honda’s existing EM:1, which can only hold one.

Let’s dive into the expected  features of the  Honda SC e: 


The Honda SC e: concept boasts a modern scooter design with some unique elements. At the front, you’ll find a full-width LED light bar featuring an illuminated Honda logo. The scooter also features foldable pillion-foot pegs, a spacious one-piece seat with a sizeable pillion grab handle, and eye-catching blue accents on the floorboard, motor, handlebar, front lighting panel, and tail section, emphasizing its electric character. While it resembles the existing EM 1e: e-scooter available in Europe, the SC e: is notably larger. Two removable battery packs, which occupy most of the storage space, are positioned behind the seat in this concept. 


The Price of the Honda SC e Electric Scooter has not been revealed yet. We hope, that the company reveals the pricing once the electric scooter is production ready. As per some reports, Honda SC e is expected to launch in 2024.

Here are some expected specifications of the electric scooter

Specification Details
Battery Packs Removable “Mobile Power Packs”
Battery Capacity 1.3 kWh for each unit
Anticipated Real-World Range Approximately 100 kilometers with two packs
Expected Peak Speed 60 to 70 km/h (comparatively more powerful motor)
Braking System Front disc and rear drum brakes
Suspension System Rear mono-shock and telescopic front forks
Wheel Size 12-inch wheels



In terms of technology, the Honda SC e: electric scooter prototype is expected to incorporate Bluetooth-based connectivity features. There’s a designated space for a digital instrument cluster, although it’s not installed on the prototype as of now. The instrument console, while smaller than some competitors like Ola S1 Pro and Ather 450X, promises essential information for riders





In summary, Honda’s SC e: electric scooter concept is an eye-catching and uniquely designed electric vehicle. While we have limited details available at the moment, the scooter’s design is undeniably attractive. We’ll continue to update this article as we receive more information from the company, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest updates on this exciting innovation by Honda. 

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