Honda and Isuzu Unveil Fuel Cell-Powered Heavy-duty Truck

Japanese automakers Honda and Isuzu will exhibit the Giga Fuel Cell, a fuel-cell powered heavy-duty truck currently being co-developed by the two companies, at the Isuzu Group booth at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. This will be the first time the Giga Fuel Cell will be shown to the general public.

Isuzu and Honda believe that FC technology, utilizing hydrogen as fuel resulting in no CO2 emissions, will be effective to achieve carbon neutrality of heavy-duty trucks which are required to achieve high-efficiency transportation (with the capability for long-distance driving, large load capacity, quick refueling).

Since the signing of an agreement in January 2020 to conduct joint research on FC-powered heavy-duty trucks, the two companies have been working on the verification of the compatibility of the FC system and heavy-duty trucks and the establishment of a foundation for basic technologies such as vehicle control technologies.

The two companies are currently planning to start demonstration testing of a prototype model on public roads before the end of the current fiscal year (ending March 31, 2024) and introduce the production model to the market in 2027 by fully leveraging the technology, experience and knowledge gained through the joint research.

The Giga Fuel Cell model on display at the Japan Mobility Show adopts the Lowdeck 8×4 rigid truck configuration, which is a typical configuration for trucks used for intercity transportation. Its range of more than 800 km/500 miles (Isuzu validation mode) makes the Giga Fuel Cell a zero-emission heavy-duty truck with true practicality. Moreover, the Giga Fuel Cell is equipped with an external power output function, so that it can leverage its large energy capacity unique only to FC vehicles, that use hydrogen as a fuel, and serve as “mobile power station” as needed, such as in times of a disaster.

Working toward the planned market launch of a FC-powered heavy-duty truck in 2027, the two companies will continue making progress in the development of product that fulfills the performance and conditions required for a heavy-duty truck and satisfies customers.

Vehicle Base vehicle CYJ77C-WX Lowdeck 8×4 rigid truck
Total length/width/height 11,980mm / 2,490mm / 3,770mm
Total vehicle weight 25t
FC Stack Type Solid polymer (Honda FC Stack)
Output 103kW×4
High-pressure hydrogen system Filling pressure 70MPa
Hydrogen capacity 56kg
Motor Type AC synchronous electric motor
Rated output 320kW
High-voltage battery Type Lithium-ion battery
Range   More than 800km/500 miles
(Isuzu validation mode)
Other features External Power Output Port 2 ports (CHAdeMO connector)
Maximum power supply: 530kWh


Blagojce Krivevski

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