Fisker to Ramp Deliveries to 300 Vehicles Per Day; Company Has Manufactured 5,000 Fisker Ocean SUVs

Electric vehicle startup Fisker announced that it has built 5,000 Fisker Ocean SUVs and expects to ramp deliveries of the Ocean to 300 vehicle per day later this year.

To date, Fisker has delivered over 900 customer vehicles in its European and US launch markets. Several hundred more are expected to be delivered this week.

“We want to thank our customers for their patience as we have refined our delivery processes,” Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said. “As we complete the third quarter and move into the fourth, we are preparing to significantly increase our pace of deliveries in the US and Europe. We are expanding both our teams and our physical locations, and we are targeting deliveries of 300 vehicle per day to meet strong demand for the Fisker Ocean. I’m tremendously pleased that our company has geared up to achieve these milestones.”

The Fisker Ocean One is a launch edition model of the $68,999 Fisker Ocean Extreme, with a 113 kWh battery pack (106 kWh usable) and an EPA range of 360 miles on standard 20” wheels and tires, which is the longest range of any new electric SUV in its class.

In Europe, the Fisker Ocean Extreme has a WLTP range of 707km/440 UK miles on standard 20” wheels and tires, which is the longest range of any electric SUV sold in Europe today.

The all-electric SUV starts at $37,499 for the Fisker Ocean Sport trim level in the US.

Blagojce Krivevski

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