Exploring Tesla Magic Dock Locations: A Comprehensive Guide

In November 2021, Tesla started letting other EV users charge their cars at the Supercharger for non-Tesla EVs. Since then, folks have been curious about what changes are coming to the Supercharger’s charge adapter.

And this year, in various places around the world, people have noticed a special adapter called CCS1 on the Supercharger. Up until now, folks have only found these Tesla Magic Dock stations in Canada and the United States.

If you want to learn more about the Magic Dock adapter at Supercharger, just keep reading this guide until the end!

Where Are the Tesla Magic Dock Locations?

Till today, Tesla continues to launch the Magic Dock charger in different zones of Canada and the United States. Here are some of the Supercharger stations where you’ll find the Magic Dock (CCS1) adapter:

Where Are the Tesla Magic Dock Locations

In Canada State

  • Deep River, ON
  • North Bay, ON

In US State

  • Chugiak, AK
  • Moab, UT
  • Mackinaw City, MI
  • Placerville, CA
  • Susanville, CA
  • Lake Topaz, CA
  • Scotts Valley, CA
  • Placerville, CA
  • Montrose, CO
  • Vicksburg, MS
  • Natchitoches, LA
  • Parish, NY
  • Long Island, NY
  • Verona, NY
  • Red Hook, NY
  • Brewster, NY
  • Fredonia, NY
  • Batavia, NY
  • Parish, NY
  • Shirley, NY
  • Hancock, NY
  • Ballston Spa, NY
  • Fort Worth, TX

What Is Teslas Magic Dock (CCS1) Adapter?

All the Superchargers have a NACS adapter in general to charge the Tesla cars. However, the brand thinks of non-Tesla users and made a separate universal adapter called CCS1 that can be used on other EVs including Hyundai, Ford, and so on.

What Is Teslas Magic Dock (CCS1) Adapter

Due to its unique design and double charging dock, people often address it as the Magic Dock of Supercharger. If you compare the NACS and CCS1 adapters, here’s what you’ll find:

  • CCS1 is a little thicker with 2 charging plugs.
  • NACS is a little thin with a single charging plug.

The Magic Dock adapter works exactly like the usual Supercharger but with a CCS1-type adapter to use on non-Tesla EVs.

How to Use Tesla Magic Dock (CCS1) Adapter at Supercharger?

To use the Magic Dock (CCS1) adapter, you’ll need to open the Tesla App on your iOS or Android device. Then, make an account on the mobile app if you don’t have the account.

Next, hit on your Tesla account profile > Charge Your Non-Tesla option. After that, select a Supercharger from the map and then hit on the Charge Here option.

Then, put your paying option in the Payment section to pay the price. Once it’s done, select the Choose Post Number from the list (pick a post to unlock the CCS1 adapter to plug into your car).

Afterward, hit the Unlock CCS1 Adapter option and then detach the Magic Dock (CCS1) adapter from the Supercharger to insert it into your car’s charge port.

Once the app senses that you have inserted the Magic Dock adapter into your car, the screen will change to a Charging prompt within 2 minutes.

Then, get inside the car and wait for it to complete charging. When it’s done charging, unplug the Magic Dock adapter back to its place and close the charge port.

If your car’s charge port won’t open, check this guide and fix the issue in a minute.

Wrapping Up

As time is passing, it seems more Tesla Magic Dock locations are discovered by users in different zones of the world.

Hope you find this guide detailed enough to know some areas where you can find the Magic Dock adapter at the Supercharger.

Now, if you are interested in knowing the charging port location in Tesla cars, then start learning it in this guide!

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