Electric VW Golf, Highlander Hybrid Nightshade, EV charging oases: Today’s Car News

VW confirms an electric Golf. A California firm shows a more convenient vision for EV charging stations, while Electrify America taps into the grid at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. And the Toyota Highlander goes Nightshade. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid remains one of the highest-mpg three-row SUVs without a charge port—and the 2024 Highlander Hybrid adds a Nightshade Edition grade for a new look while maintaining its 36-mpg rating.

Volkswagen has confirmed that a next-generation electric VW Golf will be made at the company’s Wolfsburg home base starting later in the decade. Further, it will be based on the company’s upcoming SSP architecture, which includes unified prismatic battery tech. 

The California startup Rove broke ground last week on the first of 20 amenity-packed EV charging stations—each with 40 fast-chargers delivering all three interfaces, plus wifi, a lounge, a car wash, and a mini grocery store. Is this what the future of charging should be?

And in other charging news, this past week Electrify America opened a 350-kw EV fast-charger at Grand Canyon National Park—right at the South Rim, and closer than any Tesla Supercharger gets as of yet.


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