Electric Two-Wheeler Sales Data: September 2023

Electric Two-Wheeler Sales: September 2023

The sales of Electric two-wheelers saw a decline of 1.51% this month while the overall sales figures have dipped slightly, some certain players in the industry have defied the odds and have broken their previous sales records. We would also like to point out that the sales for this whole month stood at a staggering figure of 57,824 from the previous month’s figure of 56,961 this is a beacon of light for the industry given the fact that the trend is on an upward surge.

Before going into any more details, let’s see which companies made it to the top 10 and what their performance was month on month.

Electric-two-wheeler sales figure for September 2023 

Company Sales of August Sales of September MoM Growth Market Share
OLA ELECTRIC 18,718 18,635 -0.44 29%
TVS IQUBE 15,471 15,512 0.27 24%
ATHER ENERGY 7,129 7,109 -0.28 11%
BAJAJ AUTO 6,575 7,045 7.15 11%
AMPERE VEHICLES 3,698 4,190 13.3 7%
OKINAWA AUTOTECH 2,000 1,789 -10.55 3%
BGAUSS AUTO 923.0 934.0 1.19 1%
OKAYA EV 1,150 885.0 -23.04 1%
REVOLT MOTORS 514.0 882.0 71.6 1%
HERO ELECTRIC 783.0 843.0 7.66 1%

The Decline: Ola, Ather, Okinawa Affected

Three prominent electric vehicle manufacturers, Ola, Ather, and Okinawa, have found themselves navigating through rough waters this September. The decline in their sales can be attributed to various factors, including supply chain disruptions, component shortages, and the impact of the ongoing semiconductor crisis. These companies, known for their innovative electric scooters, saw a decline in consumer interest and purchases due to these external challenges.

The surge of TVS, Bajaj, Ampere, Hero


On the flip side, there were clear winners in the market during September. TVS, Bajaj, Ampere, Hero, and Revolt emerged as frontrunners, registering a significant spike in sales. Their success can be attributed to a combination of factors, including strategic marketing, a strong age-old trust among the elderly population, and a strong dealer network. These companies effectively capitalized on consumer demand, demonstrating the industry’s adaptability.

A Silver Lining to the declining sales figure

With the festival session kicking in the sales figures are expected to increase and we can see the glory days of electric vehicles back. Meanwhile, the announcement of new vehicles from Ola’s end could also see a hike given the fact that many people have booked their vehicles and must have been waiting for their deliveries.

Writer’s Remark

In this ever-evolving landscape, adaptability and innovation will be key to success. Whether it’s established giants or emerging startups, those who can navigate the shifting tides of consumer preferences and market dynamics will continue to make their mark in the world of two-wheeler sales.

As we bid adieu to September and welcome the changing seasons, the two-wheeler industry stands poised for transformation. In the coming months, the industry’s resilience and capacity to innovate will continue to shape the road ahead.

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