Ducati Unleashes Ultra-Limited Powerstage RR LTD Enduro E-Bike

As more and more car and motorcycle manufacturers get into electric bicycles, we’re seeing more high-performance e-bikes loaded with tech. Among the big names making it big in the e-bike scene, we have iconic Italian motorcycle brand Ducati, who, over the course of the past few years, has been impressing with its new e-bike models catering to a wide spectrum of riders.

Under its Scrambler Ducati division, Ducati has a range of folding commuter e-bikes designed for urban use. However, wearing the true Ducati Corse colors are the brand’s high-performance electric bikes that raise the bar in performance when it comes to for-sport e-bikes. We previously talked about the Futa electric road bike, as well as the MIG-S and TK01-RR electric mountain bikes. This time around, Ducati has launched its most exclusive model year, the Powerstage RR Limited Edition.

Ducati Unleashes Ultra-Limited Powerstage RR LTD Enduro E-Bike

Showcased in all its glory at the Bike Festival in Misano, the new electric enduro MTB takes the ultra capable Powerstage RR, and makes it even better. The Limited Edition e-enduro bike flaunts nothing but the very best components, key of which are the full carbon fiber frame, top-tier suspension, and of course, its punchy motor.

Diving right into the technology, the Ducati Powerstage RR LTD is powered by the Shimano EP801 system. The flagship e-bike system from Shimano has a maximum torque rating of 85 Newton-meters, and a maximum power output of 500 watts. Shimano says that the EP8 motor amplifies the rider’s pedaling power by up to 400 percent, making even the steepest, most technical climbs a walk in the park. The bike rolls on a mullet setup, with a 29-inch front and 27.5-inch rear wheel, giving it excellent agility and the ability to roll over obstacles with ease.

Ducati Unleashes Ultra-Limited Powerstage RR LTD Enduro E-Bike

Ducati proudly boasts that the Powerstage RR LTD is the brand’s first electric enduro bike with a full-carbon frame. The parts of the frame subject to high loads are reinforced with extra carbon layers, with the rear triangle, headstack, and motor housing beefed up for more durability. The carbon goodies go beyond the frame, too,with the wheels also made of carbon fiber, reducing unsprung weight and increasing maneuverability. Last but not least, the bike is suspended by Öhlins suspension hardware fore and aft.

The Ducati Powerstage RR LTD wouldn’t be called as such if it wasn’t a limited-release model. In total, only 230 examples of this bike are scheduled for production. The price? A steep 11,990 Euros – a few hundred Euros more expensive than the current generation Ducati Monster. So yes, an e-bike that’s more expensive than a premium motorcycle. At least you get a color scheme inspired by the Ducati Desmosedici GP23 race bike.

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