CSIR Prima ET11 India’s First Compact Electric Tractor for Small Farmers



India’s economy ranks sixth among the world’s top economies, with a significant portion of its population relying on agriculture as their primary source of livelihood. The agricultural sector contributes approximately 14% to the country’s overall GDP. It is a source of food and fodder for all the people in the country.”  

The Indian tractor industry has seen remarkable growth, with diesel tractors consuming 7.4% of the country’s annual diesel usage and 60% of agricultural fuel. Electric tractors offer a sustainable solution to reduce this environmental impact. However, a challenge arises as the majority of farm equipment is designed for larger farms, while over 80% of Indian farmers own small plots of 2 hectares or less. Providing suitable, affordable machinery for these small-scale farmers is crucial.

Coming forward to address this issue, CSIR-CMERI has indigenously designed and developed a compact 100% Pure Electric Tractor named CSIR PRIMA ET11 mainly to cater to small and marginal farmers of India. It is India’s first compact electric tractor. The CSIR-PRIMA ET11 is designed to cater to small and marginal farmers with around two hectares or less of farmland. 


CSIR CMERI has a long history of designing and developing tractors across a range of capacities. This journey began with the development of the first indigenous Swaraj Tractor in 1965, followed by the 35hp Sonalika tractor in 2000 and the 12hp Krishi shakti small diesel tractor in 2009 to meet the demands of small and marginal farmers. Building on this legacy, CMERI embarked on advancing tractor technology, resulting in the development of the e-tractor CSIR Prima ET11 Electric Tractor. 



Firstly, the entire tractor has been designed and manufactured with original components and technologies. The main purpose of the tractor is to cater to the demand of agricultural field applications, and it has been carefully designed, taking into account factors like how it moves, where the weight is distributed, how it shifts gears, and the positions of the levers and pedals. Another USP of this tractor is that it is Women Friendly. Controls have been arranged for easy access for women, and mechanical components are replaced with electronic switches for simpler operation.


The developed technology is designed to be user-friendly, with particular consideration for the convenience and ease of use by women.

  • The tractor is provided with a port called V2L(vehicle to load) This means when the tractor is not in operation, its battery power can be utilized for other secondary applications like pump and irrigation etc.

Have a look at some more notable specifications  of the electric tractor:

Specifications CSIR-PRIMA ET11 Tractor
Charging Time 7-8 hours for home charging
Operating Time More than 4 hours in the field; Over 6 hours for normal haulage operations
Transmission Type Semi-Synchronized gearing system
Hydraulic Lifting Capacity water battery tractor is said to emit zero tailpipe emission, thereby proving as a real game changer in sustainable agriculture.


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