Allego Partners with Fueling Company Go’on to Make Electric Charging More Accessible for Drivers in Denmark

Allego N.V., a pan-European public electric vehicle fast and ultra-fast charging network, today announced its partnership with Go’on Gruppen A/S (“Go’on”), one of Denmark’s largest fueling companies, under which

Allego will install 168 fast charging ports with exclusive access to all 185 of Go’on’s currently existing stations across the country. Allego views this partnership as another step in the strategic growth and optimization of its network and charging availability for electric vehicle drivers.

Go’on has positioned its fueling stations in smaller cities throughout Denmark where gasoline fueling stations are less ubiquitous and electric charging infrastructure is limited or even non-existent. Consequently, in these regions, EV drivers may need to drive long distances or plan their routes around charger availability.

Allego strives to make charging accessible for all EV drivers to ensure the successful transition to e-mobility. Through this partnership, Allego and Go’on aims to provide EV drivers with the same convenience that they would have as if driving a combustion engine.

Mick Kjær, CEO of Go’on said, “Today, there is a clear challenge for EV drivers who live or visit outlying areas in Denmark in terms of finding a charging station. Therefore, we are delighted with the new collaboration. Together with Allego, we can accelerate the spread of Allego’s advanced fast charging solutions by establishing them at Go’on stations across the country.”

Steven Lau, Allego’s Nordic region Managing Director says, “The collaboration with Go’on marks an important step towards promoting electric mobility in Denmark. Together, we will build on Allego’s solid charging network and give EV owners in Denmark access to our latest and most reliable charging solutions. As the industry transitions to electric, drivers of all vehicle types still require amenities for powering their cars. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to accommodate options for electricity, gasoline, and diesel in one place. Go’on has a far-reaching network, and by collaborating with Allego on the installation of fast and ultra-fast charging solutions at their gas stations, Go’on is demonstrating its dedication to meeting the growing demand for charging infrastructure and supporting sustainable transportation in Denmark.”

So called “range anxiety” is one of the primary hesitations for drivers to switch to electric vehicles, making charging infrastructure a cornerstone for EV adoption. Accordingly, partnerships such as this one provide the perfect opportunity for Allego to expand its footprint and help accelerate the transition to electric mobility.


Blagojce Krivevski

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